Purchase guide

By consulting the catalog of Numiostore.com you can at any time within the product card, insert the desired item in the "cart" indicating the quantity (the default quantity is 1) and clicking on its cart icon.
To order another item simply repeat the same operation.
The selected product will be added to the cart and the total purchase amount will be updated accordingly: these data are visible on each page of the site in the reserved area of ​​the cart above the header image.

By clicking on the Cart (Bag icon above) you can view the shopping cart and get payment for the products; this procedure can be canceled at any time up to step 4 below.

1) Order Summary: In this form you can delete the items in the cart or change the quantities: the "Continue in Order" button takes you to the next step.

2) Master data: data is required to be able to acquire the order, issue the relevant tax document and dispatch the items in the cart; Fields to be completed must be indicated by an asterisk.

3) Shipping and Payment: On the page you will find a summary of shipping arrangements and payment methods. Also, if you own a PromoCode, you can place it in the field provided.

4) Order Confirmation: All the acquired data is summed up in a single table; the table also calculates and displays the shipping costs according to the total amount of order and destination; if the displayed data is correct, clicking on the "Order Confirmation" button enters Payments by Credit Card.

Secure Payments and Payment Modes


PayPal: The payment method preferred by most buyers and sellers on the internet. With PayPal you can send payments online quickly and securely via credit card or bank account.

They can be used the credit cards belonging to the Visa, Mastercard and American Express (no Diners); Payment is made directly on the secure server, using 128-bit encryption key so as to guarantee the absolute security of transactions. Orders paid by credit card are the ones processed faster. We accept all Visa cards, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Electron and prepaid credit cards including American Express Poste Italian.

You can make the transfer to:
Banca Popolare di Sondrio
IBAN IT 33 B 05696 11500 000003913X82
filiale di Corso Vittorio Emanuele 
46100 Mantova (Italy)

Indicating the reason for the order number.
If the transfer will not be made within 7 days of the order, it will automatically be canceled.
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