Terms and conditions

Here is all the information relating to the general conditions of sale numiostore.com. Read them carefully before making your purchase.
The site is managed and maintained by NUMIOSTORECOM My Way SRLS Registered office: Corso Umberto Prime 61/63 46100 Mantua (MN) ITALY.

The offer and sale of products on our web site are governed by these Terms of Sale.

1. Definitions

"Site" is the website www.NUMIOSTORE.com
"Customer" is the subject individual, more than 18 years, acting for purposes outside his trade, business, craft or profession that makes the purchase from the site, the general sales conditions.
"Order" or "Order" is the request form of the goods on sale, completed by the Customer through the Site.
"Products" are the goods for sale on the site, according to the general sales conditions.
"Price" is the consideration for the sale of goods.
"Contract" is the contract at a distance which referred to the sale of the products, according to the general sales conditions.
"Parties" are NUMIOSTORE.COM and the Customer.

2. General provisions

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter, "General Conditions") govern all sales of Products to the Customer concluded at a distance on the Site.
The remote sales service governed by the General Conditions is reserved exclusively for customers.
The language used for the conclusion of sales contracts via this Website is Italian.

3. Products

The products offered on the Site are sold directly by NUMIOSTORE.COM according to the terms and conditions laid down by the general conditions of sale published on the Site at the time of the Order.
Information regarding products, along with product codes and their price, are available on the Site.
If the products advertised on the site are no longer available for sale at the time the Order, it is up to NUMIOSTORE.COM promptly notify the customer of the unavailability of products ordered and eventually repay the price already paid. NUMIOSTORE.COM can under no circumstances be held liable to the customer due to the unavailability of a product.

4. Purchase conditions

The Web site covers the essential features and the price of each product. The information on the Site does not constitute an offer by NUMIOSTORE.COM
Before sending an order through the Website, the Customer must carefully read all the instructions provided during the purchase process (also regarding the delivery costs, the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal and the Disclosure Privacy Policy) and the General Conditions.
To conclude the purchase contract of one or more products on the site you need to fill in the order electronically and transmit it electronically format, following the relevant instructions.
Through the order transmission the customer confirms to know and accept the conditions of sale and additional information contained in the Site, also through links, including those relating to the privacy policy and legal notice. The transmission of the Order constitutes an offer to purchase on the product selected, governed by these General Terms and binding on the Customer (subject to the right of withdrawal provided for in article 8). The transmission of the proposal of the Customer order entails the obligation of the latter to pay the price of the Product or Products, ranked.
The Contract between the Client and NUMIOSTORE.COM ends when the customer receives confirmation by NUMIOSTORE.COM acceptance of the Order submitted by the procedure laid on the Site. The 'acceptance (or rejection) on the part of the proposal d NUMIOSTORE.COM 'Order will be sent to you at the email address indicated by the Customer in the Order ( "Order" Confirmation).
After the Contract, NUMIOSTORE.COM transmit by e-mail specified by the customer the order receipt containing a summary of the information contained in the Order Form, with a request to check for errors in data entry, and the Order's tracking number.
The risk of loss or damage of the Products is transferred to the customer when the latter (or a third party designated by the Customer, and other than the carrier) enters physically in possession of the product since shipments are tracked.

5. Customer Obligations

To purchase the products, it is necessary that the customer releases the data necessary to execute the order, shipment and delivery of products.
The Customer undertakes to communicate correct, truthful and complete about: personal information, personal contacts, other information useful to the Order.
The Customer will pay the price of the purchased products and for keeping a copy of the purchase confirmation sent by NUMIOSTORE.COM to the email address provided during registration to the site.

6. Price and payment

The price of products is expressed in Euro and are inclusive of all applicable fees and taxes (except in the case of exports that conditions vary depending on country).
The resulting total price at the end of the Order is inclusive of shipping charges and the related VAT.
Shipments outside the European Union are exempt of VAT but provide for payment of import taxes, not included in the sales price, the burden of which rests solely with the Client (except in the cases and in the countries where expressly indicated) .
The payment is due at the time the Order. The customer can choose from the following methods: credit card, Paypal, bank transfer.
If paying by credit card, all related financial information will be sent via encrypted protocol establishments that provide their remote electronic payment services, without third parties in any access.
This information will never be used by NUMIOSTORE.COM except for performing the procedures relating to the purchase or issuing refunds in the case of any refunds of products, as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal, or if it becomes necessary to prevent or report to police commit fraud.

7. Timing and mode of delivery

Delivery costs for amounts below € 150 are charged to the customer and are clearly indicated Order stage. Delivery costs for amounts exceeding EUR 150 will be paid by NUMIOSTORE.COM. Any customs charges and/or other expenses relating to the importation of goods are charged to the customer (except in the cases and in the countries where expressly indicated).
Customers who make an Order establishing a business relationship with NUMIOSTORE.COM and therefore undertake to accept delivery of your package. 
If the parcel is not delivered to employees causes of customer (address provided unavailability, wrong phone number, wrong address, failure of the NHS communication for consignments to the USA), or if the customer refuses delivery, the shipping charges and any customs fees will be deducted from the refund due to the customer.

The delivery of the Products to the delivery address indicated by the Customer in the Order is carried out by courier.
Delivery times are approximately 1/3 days in Italy according to the chosen (standard or express service) and approximately 2/5 days for Europe and extra EC from the date of receipt of the Order by NUMIOSTORE.COM The times are indicative and not binding on NUMIOSTORE.COM The shipping days are intended as working days, not working days and / or holidays shipments of orders are not carried out.

In case of unavailability of one or more after the Order, NUMIOSTORE.COM will proceed to deliver the remaining articles ordered by the customer. The partial delivery is valid and does not entitle the customer to refuse the delivery, to pay damages or compensation but only to a refund of the price paid for the unavailable products.

The customer (or his delegate) is required to check, upon delivery of the Products by the Courier:
that the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the delivery note; is
that the packaging and its seals are intact, undamaged, not wet or altered in any way.

Any damage to the packaging and / or product or the mismatch in the number of items or information must be immediately notified in writing on the delivery note of the courier. Once you signed the Courier's document without the customer raised objections, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of the package delivered.
Upon delivery, the ownership and the risks relative to Product transportation are transferred to the customer.

8. Withdrawal

The costs for returning the product to NUMIOSTORE.COM are charged to the customer, unless otherwise notified in writing to the Customer.

When using a carrier other than that referred to in Article 7.2, the Customer undertakes to directly bear the shipping costs and will take responsibility for any damage or deterioration of the goods.
Because the right of withdrawal is validly exercised, it is necessary that the purchased items are returned undamaged, not used nor washed, in their original packaging and with original labels. The returned products must be accurate in order to protect the original covers from any damage, writing or labeling. To all the leaders we will apply a seal of NUMIOSTORE. You can not accept returns that you removed the seal NUMIOSTORE.COM

The right of withdrawal is subject to verification of the conditions of returned products and their correspondence with those in the Order and the relative return form by NUMIOSTORE.COM
NUMIOSTORE.COM will provide for full repayment of the sums paid by the customer, including any reasonable costs of delivery (ie corresponding to the standard rates), usually within 14 working days and in any case no later than 14 days from the date on which NUMIOSTORE .COM received the product. This refund will be made with the same method of payment used by the customer for the initial transaction, unless otherwise and expressly agreed between the Parties, and provided that the customer does not incur additional costs in the face of such redemption.

I am charged to the customer only the costs for the return of the Product (transport and any customs duties and taxes).
If there is no correspondence between the recipient of the products indicated in the order form and who made the payment of sums due for their purchase, the repayment of sums, in the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal will be executed against those who It made the payment with the effect for NUMIOSTORE.COM
If paying with cash reimbursement will be made by bank transfer, so please communicate via email to customer@numiostore.com their bank details.
In case of unsuccessful delivery by NUMIOSTORE.COM (Products do not comply with the description, flaky, different model and / or size from those agreed in the Order), NUMIOSTORE.COM assumes the duty to fully reimburse the customer, upon return to the seat of the non-conforming goods, unless otherwise agreed with the Client.

9. Replacement Products

NUMIOSTORE.COM recognizes to the Customer the ability to make changes to products within and not later than the 14 days deadline. It is necessary that the products purchased are returned intact, unused or washed, in their original packaging and with original labels not removed.

The free exchange is however only permitted for a different size or a different color of the same item, if available.

For the exchange, you must forward the return request by e-mail to Customer Service: customer@numiostore.com, which will be followed by an answer of any confirmation of numiostore.com.

The provisions referred to in Article 8 relating to withdrawal shall apply mutatis mutandis.
The replacement of the Products is allowed only once for each Order. Any subsequent changes after the first imply the charge to the Customer of transport costs and any import duties, and the execution of a new Order.

10. Force majeure
The Parties will not be responsible for the delay in fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement if such delay is caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The Party that is late due to force majeure will be entitled to an extension of time, required to fulfill such obligations.

11. Copyright & brands
Brands, logos, photographs, videos, texts and other distinguishing marks of any kind on the Site are property of their respective owners.
And 'forbidden to use trademarks, logos, photographs, videos, texts and other distinctive signs - including reproduction on other websites - by unauthorized third parties.
The contents of the website (text, graphics, animation and images) are protected by copyright.

12. Privacy
The data provided by the Customer necessary for performance of the Contract are treated in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 2003 n. 196 regarding the "Protection of personal data".
In relation to the processing of such data refer to the "Privacy Policy" of the site.

13. Variations of the Agreement
The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter, together with the Order, the general conditions relating to the use of the Site and the conditions relating to the registration service.
Any change or amendment to the Contract must be accepted in writing by both parties.

14. Communications
All communications between the Parties shall be made in writing and sent to the other party indicated in the Contract and in the Order. Means sent in writing also the communications transmitted to the email address of the other party, indicated on the Site and in the Order.
Communications relating to the validity or existence of this Agreement shall be exclusively delivered by hand or sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian laws.
The Parties agree that it is specifically excluded from application to this Agreement of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
Any dispute arising under or relating thereto shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Mantua, Italy.

16. Changes
The general sales conditions can be modified in consideration of possible regulatory changes. The new general conditions of sale will be effective from the date of publication.
It is assumed that the customer is aware of the general sales conditions in force at the time of purchase.
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